1. You can heal your life! I know this from personal experience, because I have walked many healing journeys myself. I will hold this vision for your healing.
  2. Disease is not an enemy, but a build-in mechanism that can be the catalyst for growth and healing at the deepest level.
  3. Fear points us in the direction where we need to grow.
  4. Your body is a magnificent, self-healing organism.
  5. Our job is to provide the right environment for self-healing to take place.
  6. The most important decision you can make, is to decide that you live in a friendly Universe.
  7. Every though you have, matters. We create our life experiences with our thoughts.
  8. You either have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset set – change requires that you have a growth mindset.
  9. Your success is my success. I am here for you every step of the way!
  10. Your progress is enhanced with accountability. I will support you to keep your promises to yourself.
  11. Food is medicine, but food is secondary!
  12. Balancing our Primary food, we tend to naturally and with ease eat better and healthier.
  13. Relationships (a Primary food), are the laboratory of the soul.
  14. Forgiveness is the key that opens our hearts.
  15. Our purpose is to Love. We will allow love to guide us.
  16. Selfcare and Self Love are two vital elements of the healing path.
  17. Your willingness to change is your guarantee to a healthy, vibrant and thriving life!
  18. Your innate wisdom and body’s intelligence are respected in everything we do together.
  19. You will be honored and respected as body, mind, emotions and soul. We follow a wholistic approach.
  20. I provide a safe haven for you to flourish and be yourself. I will hold space for you to grow into your best self with compassion, genuine care and zero judgment!
  21. Your program will take into account your bio-individuality. One man’s diet can be another man’s poison.
  22. I teach mucus-free and mucus- lean dietary protocols, which are plant-based diets.
  23. I will support you in transitioning to these lifestyle and dietary choices with compassion and I will meet you where you are at. We will move at a pace that you are comfortable with and serves your healing.
  24. Whole food and plant-based diets also follow seasonal eating trends and we strive to eat organic as much as possible.
  25. We honor our planet and natural living. We use Nature to guide us back to our original blueprint.