Looking back at my life, I can now see that every dance with dis-ease has directed me along the path on which I find myself now. Little did I then know all the gifts those diseases brought me. Some in the form of physical healing, but the most important healing that I experienced, were the emotional, mental and Spiritual healing.

What I know for sure, is that we can heal. Our bodies are the most magnificent, high tech, wonder organisms, that are geared for healing. I am however responsible to provide it with the right environment for this healing to happen. This requires a fat dose of honesty with yourself. Healing and healthy living takes commitment and discipline. This is often why people shy away from walking a path of healing.

When we get sick, we have great motivation to heal. I truly think this fact is exactly why we are designed in this way. Our Creator knew all too well that humans are often apathetic to their own healing journeys and soul’s evolution. Until you get sick.

My first serious health crises happened in 2004. I struggled with Candida Albicans overgrowth. Several visits to my GP and 3 doses of antibiotics had me sicker every time with worsening symptoms. I got desperate and decided to seek help elsewhere. Luckily, I was introduced to a Nutritionist who specialized in Candida Albicans – in 2004 this condition was not acknowledged by allopathic healthcare yet. The nutritionist treated me with an elimination diet and nutritional supplementation. After 3 months I started feeling better and a few month later this condition was healed. What a great education in the healing power of food!

The next big catalyst was in 2007, when I got diagnosed with a dangerous, non-hormonal growth on my ovaries. This growth could potentially be cancerous and I was told to have it surgically removed.  After weighing up all the odds and considering my options, I decided to walk-my-talk and started an intense healing protocol based on The Journey by Brandon Bays. Once again food was my medicine and in this case I ate a strict alkaline-based diet. I also used several other modalities like kinesiology, Lymphatic drainage massage, Aromatherapy compresses, etc.

What this healing journey brought my attention too, was the addition and importance of Spiritual intervention. I had regular sessions with my Spiritual teacher, meditated, prayed and used affirmations and visualization and a positive mindset as my healing repertoire. 3 Months later the growth that was 6cm x 10cm in size, disappeared! If you can grow it, you can un-grow it!

A near death experience with Rocky Mountain Tick bite fever in 2014, left me with mild liver cirrhosis, a leaky gut and parasitic infestation. I also had typical mid-life weight gain, despite eating very healthy. I seeked help again. Nothing that I did seemed to work so effectively anymore. I discovered the Mucusless Diet Healing System from Professor Arnold Ehret, through my mentor Alexander Cousins.

When I got ovarian cancer again in early 2017, I realized that my body was showing me that much deeper healing was necessary than what I did before. Once again, a healing crisis became the catalyst for enormous spiritual growth. Again, I managed to heal my ovarian cancer without medical intervention! I was finally ready to commit to the Living Mucus free lifestyle and cellular detoxification and regeneration.

My biggest transformation however happened when I did a 40-Day Master Fast in August/September of 2018. This has been a life changing experience. What I gained and learnt through this process literally flipped my whole world upside down! It felt like everything I studied before were challenged by ideas impossible to ignore. Did I really understand health and healing?

This process gave me clarity and certainty of my direction for my business and coaching practice. I knew that I want to dedicate my life to bringing these healing tools to as many people as possible.

I haven’t felt this good and energized in decades! I am growing younger, healthier and happier the longer I follow these protocols. I am healing my body, mind and soul. The best part is that I feel more aligned with Spirit than ever before. As I strip my body of toxicity, wastes and mucus, I am coming into contact with my true essence and Divinity. What can be more liberating than this?

It would be an honor and my greatest joy to guide you on your healing path! You too can heal your life! Let’s do it!

Liesl xx