In Practice Services

As an Integrative Nutrition Health Coach, I offer face-to-face health coaching sessions coupled with wellness counseling to facilitate your healing journey in body, mind and spirit. The focus of my service is cellular detoxification and regeneration as the key to healing on all levels of your being. 

The screening modalities I offer will allow you to best understand the levels of obstruction, inflammation or accumulation present in your body. This will provide you with certainty that detoxification is not only important and necessary, but also unavoidable in the healing process.

Once you have seen the imbalances as shown through live blood analyses, Quantum Resonance feedback or nutraceutical facial profiling, you will agree that detoxification is a most important part of your healing journey.

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One-on-one Health Coaching and Wellness Counselling Sessions

Free Discovery Call

This offer provides you with the opportunity to discover how working with me will support your healing journey. I also assess your situation and determine if you are coaching ready; in other words if you are willing to change and do what is necessary to heal.

1 Hour once-off session or more

Health coaching and wellness counselling can be booked as a once-off session to be directed onto a healing path or in support of your existing healing journey, or you can take advantage of my longer term packages.

3-Month coaching package of 6 sessions

This package is a great place to start. You have 6 sessions over 3 moths to guide you along your healing journey which will allow you time to integrate new lifestyle choices and to let go of those behaviors that contributed to you getting sick or unwell in the first place. Most of my clients start with this package ‘to test the experience of health coaching’ and then extend to more sessions as they start to feel the benefit of this coaching.

6-Month coaching package of 12 sessions

This is my ‘Rolls Royce’ offering simply because it allows for real transformation and change! You have 6 months over 2 seasons with a passionate mentor dedicated to your healing and keeping you accountable to your commitments to heal. What is more, you have an objective person by your side to take your hand when the road gets rocky and to offer encouragement when willpower fails. Having me by your side is priceless – I have walked many healing journeys and have personal experience of the magnificent healing capacity of the body. In a world where healing has become pharmaceutical prescriptions, operations, radiation or chemotherapy etc., having support in finding real solutions and the cause of your dis-ease, is the game changer in healing!


Live Blood Analysis

Live Blood Analysis allows you to achieve optimal health by uncovering hidden imbalances. The real strength of this process lies in its ability to assess the state of your biological terrain; to determine its level of toxicity, acidity, oxygenation, nutrition and ecological balance. We are able to see the effects of free radical toxins very easily by looking at live blood.

A finding that is quite common in blood analysis is over-acidity of the terrain, which is of great value in supporting you to make lifestyle and dietary decisions to correct this imbalance. Another great aid to the detox lifestyle is that I am able to show you the presence of unwanted parasites in the terrain. The average session is 1,5 hrs and I provide you with suggestions for dietary adjustments and lifestyle changes to restore balance and well-being.

Quantum Resonance Magnetic Analysis

The body always tells us what it needs if we care to listen. The body speaks to us in different ways – this is called bio-resonance. Symptoms, pain, bloating, discomfort, fever, etc. are all part of the communication mechanisms of the body. Reflection points like in reflexology, iridology, kinesiology, etc. are other ways health profiling can be done to indicate or interpret the messaging from the body.

The Quantum Analyser is a modern technology that scans the body and analyses the magnetic waves to provide readings across the body systems. The device tests for normal functioning of the different systems and provides important information I use to direct you towards protocols, dietary and lifestyle changes and supplementation to correct any imbalances or abnormal findings. A consultation is 1 hour and includes recommendations and suggestions based on the results of the test.

Quantum resonance magnetic analysis
Tissue Salt Profiling

Nutraceutical (Cells Salts) Facial Profiling

This modality allows me to focus on the patterns of imbalance (disease) as reflected in the face. By doing a facial analysis (in person or through very specific photographs) the mineral deficiencies can be detected. Certain signs and coloring in specific places in the face indicate deficiencies of a specific tissue salt – the inorganic substances of all cells in the body. The outcome of the screening process then results in a recommendation to supplement with tissue salts as part of a healthy balanced diet and good lifestyle choices to maintain wellness.

With accurate facial analysis and supplementation with appropriate tissue salts, it is possible to correct imbalances at a cellular level, empowering the body to heal itself from the inside. Tissue salts correct the cause of disease. These save and gentle minerals in a micro-molecular structure do not interfere with any other medication, treatment or supplementation, they have no side-affects and one cannot overdose on them. In my practice, I suggest the use of tissue salts as a foundational principle in correcting imbalances and to proactively create well-being for my clients.

Nutraceutical (cells salts) facial profiling consists of:

  • 1.5hr Assessment and Facial profiling
  • 1hr Post assessment Consultation

Body Composition Testing And Analysis

This process is carried out in a 1-hour session. It provides valuable information about the body from BMI readings, cellular hydration levels to metabolic age of the client. In essence, this is another way to collect as much as possible information about your health status to enable me to guide you to optimal well-being and health.

Body composition testing
Lymphatic drainage massage

Lymphatic Drainage Massage

The lymphatic system is of paramount importance in all forms of hygiene practices and detoxification. It doesn’t have a pumping system to allow the fluids to flow, so it is therefore of utmost importance to support this system in its function of removing waste material from the body. One of the most effective ways to support this function is through the application of pressure through specific strokes and movement over the body and in specific areas of concentrations of lymphatic nodes. Lymphatic drainage is a specialised form of massage that greatly enhances the detoxification process and supports the healing processes of the body.

You will leave a session feeling energised and with great vitality as it’s usual to feel the benefits immediately. Any form of lymphatic stagnation will be greatly improved by this treatment. A session is normally 1 hour long. Please allow time for a quick assessment and consultation beforehand.

Aromatherapy Detox Massage

As a Therapeutic Aromatherapist, I blend a specific detoxification blend of oils based on a prior health assessment of your needs and health status. This massage will allow the body to de-stress and relax – the first required step for healing! The movements and specific strokes also improve lymphatic drainage and allow for nutrients and oxygen to be transported to areas where they are needed. The therapeutic value of touch and massage is well documented. Combined with the soothing and medicinal qualities of the essential oils, carefully blended for you, this massage greatly enhance the healing capacity of the body, relaxes the mind and calms the nervous system so that healing can take place. It’s a holistic treatment par excellence! A session is 1,5 hrs.

Aromatherapy detox massage

What my clients have to say

“Thank you so much for the concise and organised 3 day fast…it has definitely reset my journey to living a healthier and happier life. The last time I fasted was as part of the 5 day ninja programme. During which I started getting some chest pains. I decided to go and see my oncologist. The good news was that my cholesterol dropped from 7.7 to 7.1 (I put that down to the change in lifestyle brought on by the fast). The bad news was that they discovered very early signs of breast cancer in my other breast. I decided to go ahead with another mastectomy and the chest pains just disappeared after my doctor’s appointment – I like to believe that the fast opened a line of communication between my body and I, urging me to go for the check-up which I had been avoiding. I just wanted to touch base and also to let you know how your presence in my life has affected it. Please keep on doing what you’re doing because you are bringing so many positive changes into many people’s lives.”


“Liesl guided me through 3 months of holistic health coaching, which was an incredibly supportive, affirming and enlightening experience. She was able to bring to our sessions a wealth of knowledge and understanding on so many levels, touching all aspects of my life, and deepening my sense of self and the world around me. I would definitely recommend her for anyone wanting to embark on a wellness journey that will help make permanent shifts in the way you think about and live your life.”

Carra Le Motte

“I cannot tell you how much positive feedback I received from people that haven’t seen me for a couple of months… I have done three fasts under Liesl so far and will be doing another early Jan and it is AMAZING to feel how your body KNOWS when it’s cleaning time. Had some very profound realizations of what has been going on internally. We need to clean the layers and peel from the inside out to maximize our bodies amazing potential and feel our true conscious selves through this embodied experience. Just amazing Liesl. Thank you from the bottom of my ness. Thank you!”

Kate Hutton

“Being someone that has done some fasting previously I can honestly say that going through this specific process with a mentor like Liesl is a game changer.  I will never try do it on my own again. Liesl is not only a wealth of information, she also walks her talk, as she also fasts with you. She is an incredible coach and fabulous cheerleader which is what one really needs when things get tough. She delivers on her promises and I am so happy to say that I have reached the goals I set for myself before embarking on this process. The best thing for me is that she really makes you fall in love with fasting and detoxing. This will now become a part of my life, as the benefits are just too many to ignore. I am lighter, happier, clearer and calmer.  And my relationship with food has undergone major transformation.”

Christelle Dickinson

“After completing my first fast with Liesl, 10 day with 20 day support I had absolutely no doubt about doing the second one two months later! This was a 5 day fast with 10 day support. I have now lost a total of 8kg and feel beyond fabulous. What a mind blowing  journey this has been, releasing so much mentally and physically. Liesl has extensive knowledge in her field! She always goes the extra mile and delivers outstanding support with live video’s and files that one always has access to. Liesl’s thoughtfulness and attention to detail also forge lasting relationships, we couldn’t  have done it without her!”

Kanna Keiser

“I suffered an autoimmune disease in 2010 and found that I was not getting to the root of many symptoms left behind after “treatment”. I decided to join a fast Liesl was facilitating a year ago and was absolutely blown away by the results! I have gone back for more and MORE. With over 5 under my belt since then, I guess it could feel old hat but no! I am awestruck each time how much there is to take from her practise and how one can go layers deeper every time. I have started understanding more of where my issues lie and am able to connect with my body from the inside out for the first time in my life. I am beyond grateful for the care and dedication with which Liesl guides us through the protocol.   She is an absolute WEALTH of knowledge and provides a holistic approach to the fasting process for healing. Thank you Liesl!”

Kate Hutton

“I recently completed a 12 week wellness program with Liesl. I was gently coached in each session on how to change my mindset and my attitude towards nutrition and food preparation. I was held gently in a space of non-judgement whilst being allowed to talk about my relationship with food in anger, confusion, denial and sometimes self-congratulation! Liesl’s deep knowledge and understanding of nourishment and food and her passion towards the subject was unwavering, and her constant encouragement helped me along the journey. I feel that I benefited enormously by gaining a wealth of vital information, as well as support and advice from an expert.”

Jennifer Yuill